All my paintings and the corresponding poems are my soul arts, transmitting the grace underneath intense process work along my homecoming journey. For me, my artwork is far more than a creative manifestation on the surface – it is the authentic expression of my core essence and my holy bridge to spiritual transcendence. 

My artworks have a high healing frequency that radiate harmony, love, beauty, vitality, abundance, grace or peace. They can have calming, soothing, invigorating, vitalizing, liberating and transcending effects that significantly raise and harmonize the frequency of the environment and the viewer of the artwork. 

You are welcome to purchase my paintings here (in German). Prints on canva, acrylglas or various products are possbile. 

Art connects, Art transforms. Art heals. 


Letting go of the diligently woven mask
Becoming alive
Embracing the gifts of imperfection
Tears dropping down
Becoming ONE
With the entire ocean

Only Love

Memory of the heart

Beyond any layer
Beyond any fear
Beyond any pain

Is love

This painting and poetry have been featured in Integral European conference 2021


Burning softly
Holding you in love
Holding everything in love

The one who is alive

The one who roots
The one who burns
The one who flows
The one who radiates
The one who loves
The one who voices
The one who sees
The one who knows

Overflowing skies

Fullness of our being
On this planet earth
In this life

Can you see it?
Can you sense it?
Can you feel it? 

Love, beauty, charm
Magnificent art of living
In the overflowing skies

This painting and poetry have been featured in Integral European conference 2021


Foto: Katja Stepputat

Among many, I saw you.
Your gaze
open, crystal clear and exploring
Your face
gentle, waving and inviting
I see you.
A lipper in the ocean
a star in the sky,
a light in the darkness…
I hear you.
Every cell opening,
every part of skin calling,
every inhale and exhale pulsating…
Life. What a mystery.
Ever exists, never ends.
Embrace, all.
The ups and downs
the joys and sorrows
the happenings and the great

Tree of wishes

Foto: Katja Stepputat

The deepest longing
Where to start
Where to end
Rhythm of security
Melody of uncertainty
Life full of joy and sorrow, passion and illusion
Feeling in and dancing out
Being welcomed
Being seen
Being touched
Being felt
Being held
Being celebrated
Oh reborn from our broken gestures
In the loving kindness
Oh reborn from the imprints and memories
Coming home to our core essence
Oh my name
Oh my heart
Oh my body
Dancing faithfully 
For a magnificent art of living
And all I long for
Loving and
being loved

Path of love

Foto: Axel Hebenstreit

Determined to go on this path
Feeling the endless pain, sorrow, despair
And joy, pleasure, bliss beyond measure

Waves come
Waves go
Bursting life, being alive

Beauties within,
Beauties around
What a precious gift
You are love
I am love

Go on this sacred path
Honouring all the wounds, all the experience

Flowing in the river of life
Coming home
to the ocean of love

Spiral of life

Work of process
Layer by layer

Every opening of our window
We see and been seen

Every change of perspective
A new miracle emerging

Warm, tender, open, curious,
From being to flourishing

I am

I am alive and breathing wave of trees
I am tender, warm yet intense touch of life
I am the soulful initiation
I am the eternal dance merged with dust

This painting and poetry have been featured in Integral European conference 2021

My divine plan

My subtle body
Penetrating any limits
Being the vast capacity
Experiencing life with all what is

I am the creator, with
endless potentials
the Divine within

The painting and poetry above have been featured in Integral European conference 2021

Magnetism of heart

Life’s creation
Soul’s longing
Loving and being loved
Giving and receiving
The magnetism of heart
Infinite and eternal
The whole universe

Eternal Dance

Who am I?
What am I here for?

To live
To love
To create
To connect
And to dance!

Dancing out
my vital unconscious
my sweet longings
my deep joys and sorrows

Dancing with
the Earth
the Heaven
And all living beings

Dancing up
In the infinite light of stars
In the heart of the universe
In the divine order of the cosmos

I am, You are, We are, It is
The eternal dance

The painting and poetry above have been featured in Integral European conference 2021

Rebirth in freedom

Foto: Katja Stepputat

Once, I was the panther behind the thousand bars.
Once, I was the frozen within the iceberg.
Once, I was split and broken. 
Once, I was lost and dead.

How could this be life?!

Oh wake up, the sleeping ones
Oh get up, the motionless ones
Oh speak up, the voiceless ones
Oh dance up, the mystic eternal beings

A butterfly evolving out of the cocoon
A drop becoming the entire ocean
A spark lighting up the gloomy

The panther, breaking through the bars, 
becoming alive, reborn in freedom.

Oh life! We are free!
Free to live, to love, to create, to connect

Oh life! We are free!
Free to let go, to die – the fears, the survivals, the illusions…

Oh life! We are free!
Free to learn, to discover, to embrace the mystery of life
which is YOU.

Gaia Journey

Foto: Katja Stepputat

Feeling the deep sorrow and pain,
My heart has been broken open.
Inhaling… Exhaling…
Diverging… Converging…
I see, I sense, I feel…
I learn, I unlearn…
I see my ever longing, the very quest
To go back to the DAO,
source of the abundance,
void with the vast knowing…
Tapping into the wisdom of body
Letting go of the imprints
Embracing the wholeness, the light, and shadow
Listening to the silence
Resting in unknown
Holding the space
Trusting the process
Just BE…
Being me, being you, being part of the whole
Being alive, tender, being curious, connected…
Being loving and loved
Just BE…
Being in the river of life 
Being here and now
Being the endless dance
Being the magnificent art of living
Human, Gaia, Universe.
From Ego to Eco
Rejoining the web of life
We are ONE.   

Opening up and receiving

Aging hands
Aching heart

Opening up
Yielding to
Receiving from

Nourishing ground
Shimmering sky
Pure light

Opening up
To the eternity
The infinite

Soul’s journey


A vibrant explosion  
A vivid concert
A marvellous flow

Heading to


This painting and poetry have been featured in Integral European conference 2021. The Video is an excerpt of the Art Night with the thema of “Beauty”

Inwards, onwards
From below as above
From bud to flower
What is revealing?
Every color, every flow
Encountering, melting, unifying
Opening eyes
Opening heart
Appreciating beauties
Dreaming visions
While holding space
For pains and sorrows
Seeing it
Feeling it
Embracing it
Being with it
The path, the journey
The evolutionary leap
The new reality
Back to be Human
Becoming Love
Back to be Whole
Becoming ONE

Anthropologische Ästhetik

Foto: Katja Stepputat

Mein Baum
Mein Bach
Meine Wiese
Berührt mein ganzes Wesen
Mein Fenster
Mein Spiegel
Mein Kribbeln
Bereichert mein volles Leben
Für die Unendlichkeit


Foto: 𝓴𝓘𝓡𝓚 𝕝𝔸𝕀 on Unsplash

Regender Tropfen
aus dem überfließenden Himmel, unbeschwerter Weite
fließend und zusammentreffend,
verwandeln sie sich
in die feinen und lebendigen Ströme;
besonnend, frei,
ruhen sie sich
in der Herzensquelle

The way ahead

Foto: Katja Stepputat

This voyage, never ending journey.
Moving forward
Moving backward
Moving inward
Moving outward

Right, left,
Fast, slow
Big, small
Rhythmic, unexpected

Little steps!
Gentleness and patience
Softening the way ahead

Embracing all wounds
Bridging all parts
Seeing the grace underneath
The voyage itself is victory!

Foto: Axel Hebenstreit


Love is descending
Life force is ascending 
All meets in and through my body


The Eearth and Heaven
The Chaos and Cosmos
The Mortal and Eternal
The most Physical and most Divine